Wilbert McClure – video

Luis Manuel Rodriguez UD10 Wilbert McClure II

Another highly competitive ten rounder; look for the lashing left hook that LMR's drops Skeeter with in the closing seconds of the ...

Johnny Pritchett vs Wilbert (Skeeter) McClure

International match between Johnny Pritchett, British and Empire Middleweight champion and Wilbert Skeeter McClure, Ohio USA ...

Edward Crook, Cassius Clay (later Muhammad Ali), and Wilbert McClure win gold med...HD Stock Footage

CriticalPast is an archive of historic footage. The vintage footage in this video has been uploaded for research purposes, and is ...

Wilbert ‘Skeeter’ McClure’s Gold medal up for sale at RR Auction

The Olympic Records and Rivals auction from RR Auction will begin on January 14, 2016 and conclude on January 21, 2016.

Our Final Curtain Call

Warning: this footage may be hazardous to your tear ducts. In case of eye contact, apply Kleenex and immediately call a therapist.

The Playbook to Destroy Society

Today, I share with you seven strategies in the playbook to destroy society. Hit me up on Instagram at https://www.instagram ...

Luis Rodriguez vs Wilbur McClure II

Luis Rodriguez vs Wilbur McClure II sweetfights.com rare boxing vintage fight film KO TKO.

Barbara 2.0 KERRY BUTLER AND ROB MCCLURE (rehearsal thing)

no there is not a full video and this is from kerrys insta.

"Maitlands 2.0" from Beetlejuice, sung by Kerry Butler and Rob McClure

The 2019 Stars in the Alley concert took place earlier today, May 10, and it was chock-full of excellent performances. The event is ...


1960 Final Cassius Clay vs. Z. Pietrzykowski . The Greastest in embryo.

Dr. Wilbert "Skeeter" McClure Rocky Marciano Statue Unveiling

Dr. Wilbert "Skeeter" McClure at the Rocky Marciano Statue Unveiling in Brockton, Ma. 1960 Rome Olympics Boxing Gold ...

Beetlejuice First Look at BroadwayCon 2019

As part of BroadwayCon's First Look, Sophia Anne Caruso sings "Dead Mom" from the musical adaptation of Tim Burton's 1988 ...

First Look BEETLEJUICE on Broadway | Beetlejuice The Musical

A vision in stripes—step into the world of BEETLEJUICE with this first look! Now on Broadway. "The musical comedy escape ...

kerry butler being adorable for 8 minutes straight

no one: kerry: POP ROCKS CHOCOLATE clips I used: ...


Olympia, in Greece, where the ancient Olympic Games were held, provided the flame for the Seventeenth modern Olympiad.

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