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The Missing Piece: Vincenzo Peruggia and the Unthinkable Theft of the Mona Lisa

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Stealing the Mona Lisa - Art Theft of the Century - Full Documentary

The Theft That Made The 'Mona Lisa' A Masterpiece - Mona Lisa heist: how do you steal the world's most famous painting?

DeeGiallo - Vincenzo Perugia

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Mona Lisa Is Missing - Trailer

Mona Lisa Is Missing is the definitive story of Vincenzo Peruggia, the Italian immigrant who committed the greatest little-known art ...

Dec 13th | Mona Lisa returned | Vincenzo Peruggia

On this day, 13th December 1913, authorities announced they captured the person responsible for stealing the Mona Lisa.


Tredicesima puntata de "I GRANDI ITALIANI di RADIO ARTOM", programma ideato e condotto da Manfredi Beninati e Vincenzo ...

VINCENZO PERUGGIA - L'Uomo che rubò La Gioconda

Son sempre stata affascinata da questa storia. Forse perchè riguarda una delle opere d'arte più famose ed importanti del mondo ...


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Vincenzo Peruggia: l'imbianchino che rubò la Gioconda / Arte / Barba_Tv / S01-E06

La storia di Vincenzo Peruggia, l'imbianchino che rubò la Gioconda Articoli di riferimento: La rotta per Itaca ...

Vincenzo Peruggia

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August 21, 1911: the Mona Lisa vanishes

It is perhaps the world's most famous painting in the world's most famous museum. But exactly 100 years ago, on August 21 1911, ...

Vincenzo Peruggia


Raiders of the Lost Art - Stolen Mona Lisa - Ovation

The theft of the Mona Lisa caused an uproar in Paris and added value to the famed piece of art. Watch a new episode of Raiders ...

La véritable histoire du vol de la Joconde -Mona Lisa au Louvre Paris

🔒 Le vol de la Joconde, au Louvre Paris. 🔒 🔊 Mona Lisa de Léonard de Vinci a été volé en 1911🛂 🔻 Plus d'infos 🔻 More info ...

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