Torien Smith – video

Bill of Rights Rap to Bobby Shmurda Beat

A US History project I did to the beat of Bobby Shmurda's "Hot Boy" instrumental. Check it out. Like, comment, rate!

Kids Interview Bands - Marq Torien and Nick Rozz of the Bulletboys

Piper interviewed Marq Torien and Nick Rozz of the Bulletboys prior to their show at the Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio on August ...

Taskeen Torien The Prayer

Taskeen Torien peforming the The Prayer featuring Nur Abrahams- Young Talent at it's best.

Sam Smith - Lay Me Down (Cover by Nur Abrahams)

Sam Smith - Lay Me Down (Cover by Nur Abrahams). Performance recorded at a Birthday Celebration in Strand.

Lies Deceit and Treachery - LDT - MONEY - MORC 2019 POOL STAGE

Lies, Deceit and Treachery performing on Monsters of Rock Cruise 2019.

Ted Templeman Interview (Most Interesting Person) 2011

Legendary record producer Ted Templeman is interviewed at Sunset Sound in Los Angeles, CA.

Snarky Puppy feat. Malika Tirolien - I'm Not The One (Family Dinner - Volume One)

"I'm Not The One" from Snarky Puppy's live DVD/CD - "Family Dinner - Volume One" Buy it here: Physical: ...

Chandelier Cover Nur Abrahams

Chandelier (by SIa) - Cover by Nur Abrahams. Band is Souljourn (Keagan Links on drums, Devon van Rooi on keys, Timothy ...

Torien Moore Ribault Basketball vs. Jackson Tigers

Torien Moore Class of 2014 SG/SF for the state runner-up Ribault Trojans.

Nur Abrahams Teaser - Georgy Porgy cover

Nur Abrahams Teaser - Georgy Porgy cover.

Nur Abrahams - How Do I Breathe

Written and Produced by Alistair Izobell.

Ultimate jam night - Whiskey a Go Go, Hollywood Marq Torien

Marq Torien and Mikkey Dee plus James Lomenzo, Ira Black playing Scorpions Hurricane x.

LIES, DECEIT & TREACHERY w/Chad Smith "California Man"

LIes, Deceit & Treachery featuring original BulletBoys members Jimmy D'Anda, Mick Sweda and Lonnie Vencent with new singer ...

'Van Halen Rising' Launch Party Ted Templeman FULL Interview (Part 1/3)

Part 1/3 Van Halen Rising: Van Halen News Desk: Official Van Halen ...

I'm finally doing it! [vlog]

Patreon: Merch store: Come join my Facebook group: ...

Bullet Boy's - Smooth up in ya HairMetal Chris Bass Cover

Bullet Boy's - Smooth up in ya HairMetal Chris Bass Cover Recorded on my Note 10+ #hartke #spector #bcrich #spectorbass ...

Nur Abrahams - Liefling

Sammy Webber on Bass, Didier on Sax, Johnny Fingers on keys, And Bjorn Petersen on Drums.

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