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Tommy Douglas defends public health care, 1976: CBC Archives | CBC

The creator of Canada's free health care system, Tommy Douglas, defends public health care. Subscribe: ...

Greatest Canadian: Tommy Douglas

This video presents the story of Tommy Douglas, the "father" of the modern Canadian health care system.

Kiefer Sutherland slams Doug Ford for invoking Tommy Douglas | Power & Politics

Canadian actor Kiefer Sutherland, grandson of former Saskatchewan Premier Tommy Douglas, is asking Doug Ford's Ontario ...

Tommy Douglas 1971

April 24th 1971 - Tommy Douglas steps aside as leader of the New Democratic Party.

Tommy Douglas on Future of Medicare (1983)

Clip from his Speech to the 50th Anniversary NDP Convention. Tommy Douglas was present at the Regina Convention that ...

Tommy Douglas, The Greatest Canadian

An excerpt from a CBC documentary about Tommy Douglas, chosen as The Greatest Canadian by voters in 2004.

Tommy Douglas - Mouseland

The Story of Mouseland was a story told first by Clarence Gillis, and later and most famously by Tommy Douglas, leader of the ...

Tommy Douglas remembered

The Story of Mouseland: As told by Tommy Douglas in 1944

It's the story of a place called Mouseland. Mouseland was a place where all the little mice lived and played, were born and died.

Tommy Douglas (The Premiers)

From CPAC's series on influential premiers in Canada.

Tommy Douglas, a Canadian National Hero? || Debate Clip

Dr. Adam Gaffney claims that Tommy Douglas, regarded as the founder of the Canadian universal health system, is a hero in that ...


Tommy Douglas was the first elected leader of the first a social democratic government in North America as premiere of ...

Off the Grid program at Tommy Douglas helps students think green

Students at Tommy Douglas Collegiate are learning how to bring sustainable action to their school as part of the Off the Grid ...

Tommy Douglas - Petro-Canada & the 1972 74 Minority Parliament - November 15, 1978

In this speech Tommy was responding to remarks made the previous day by Sinclair Stevens , the MP for York Simcoe, who ...

Tommy Douglas "The cream separator"

Tommy Douglas recites one of his favourite stories. Introduction by Pierre Berton, video by Doug Taylor. "The Cream Separator" is ...

Stephen Lewis on Tommy Douglas

Stephen Lewis on Tommy Douglas.

Misterios de la Historia - Capítulo 61: Tommy Douglas

Tommy Douglas, primer ministro socialista, un hombre que luchó en contra de las injusticias en Canadá y a quién sus ...

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