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Bass Musician Magazine Interviews Ross Valory

Raul Amador interviews Journey bassist Ross Valory on location at the Sunshine Amphitheater in Ridgefield, WA. Brought to You ...

Journey - Ross Valory Solo (Live in Osaka 1980) HQ

Live In Osaka October 10, 1980 High Quality ==Please subscribe if you liked this video. The amount of new videos will depend on ...

Ross Valory Countersues Journey Bandmates

The whole thing stinks and continues to stink even more after this move.

Ross Valory Countersues Bandmates In Journey - More Drama

Ross Valory Countersues Bandmates In Journey - More Drama HELP SUPPORT ROCK HISTORY MUSIC..CHECK OUT OUR ...

RANT- Journey Fires Ross Valory & Steve Smith

Join host Pete Pardo as he discusses the recent news of the firing of bassist Ross Valory & drummer Steve Smith from the US rock ...

Steve Smith and Ross Valory Fired and Sued By Journey

Steve Smith and Ross Valory Fired and Sued By Journey VISIT OUR ALBUM AND BOOK PICKS AT THE ROCK HISTORY BOOK ...

Ross Valory Probably Should Have Learned A Lesson About Money

Here's a guy who went public about his bankruptcy and sort of implies that Perry quitting the band made him lose his fortune.

WHY Did STEVE PERRY Side with Ross Valory + Steve Smith? #kikiclassicrock

Why did Steve Perry side with Ross Valory + Steve Smith? Do you know why? Some Journey tea. Craziness - fans are still trying ...

Journey Fires Ross Valory and Steve Smith... Again!

More drama in the Journey camp. Journey has just announced legacy members Ross Valory and Steve Smith have been canned.

Ross Valory's (Journey) advice to musicians //

Full Interview:

Journey: Jonathan Cain & Ross Valory on seeing Steve Perry at Rock Hall Induction Ceremony

Journey keyboardist Jonathan Cain and co-founder/bassist Ross Valory sat down with WKYC anchor Russ Mitchell 3 days before ...

Rant! Journey Fires Steve Smith and Ross Valory

Journey fires drummer Steve Smith and Ross Valory. My take on how to cope with band member shakeups while still appreciating ...

Journey's Ross Valory Is The Odd Man Out

Ross will go along to get along and seems to be a really nice guy.

Willie K and Ross Valory "Mercury Blues"

Willie K and the Boys Performing Mercury Blues with Ross Valory of Journey playing Bass at Stella's Blues Cafe in Maui, HI.

There's A Reason Steve Perry Fired Smith and Valory

It might be because of playing style but it also might be the personalities and some of this applies to the year 2017.

Stone In Love - Journey (Ross Valory) bass cover

This Song confounded me a youngster. Such a great bass bass part through the whole song. Done on my new Warwick Custom ...

Ross Valory Jams with Classic Fix

Soaring Eagle September 14, 2012. What a night. Ross Valory From Journey joined Classic Fix on stage for a couple tunes.

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