Phil Bourque – video

Phil Bourque On NHL Season Suspension

The National Hockey League has suspended its season, the league announced. The Penguins were scheduled to play the Blue ...

Alumni in Cars Getting Coffee | Max Talbot with Phil Bourque

Phil Bourque sees someone on the road near the arena... who could that be? None other than the Superstar himself, Max Talbot!

Phil Bourque Montage

In today's montage, we take a look back at the eight year tenure of the Ol' Two-Niner, Phil Bourque. Copyright Disclaimer Under ...

Phil Bourque and Bob Errey's Stanley Cup stories

Bob Errey and Phil Bourque talk about their time with the Stanley Cup after the Penguin's 1991 Stanley Cup Winning Season.

Podcast #35 - Phil Bourque Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup Champion

The Ole Two-Niner” Phil Bourque is our guest on episode 35 of the PHA Podcast. Phil played 18 pro seasons and is best known ...

Penguins Stanley Cup parade: Mike Lange and Phil Bourque speech

Yes, it's 2016. But the Cup is back and the Pens' radio broadcasters are ready to party down by the river all summer long, just like ...

Phil Bourque TKO's Mark Hardy

Phil Bourque ( Pittsburgh Penguins ) knocks down Mark Hardy ( New York Rangers ) - NHL hockey fight Apr 8, 1989.

1992 Stanley Cup Memories, Pt. 1: Phil Bourque, Rob Brown, and Kevin Stevens, with Paul Steigerwald

Members from the 1992 Stanley Cup Championship team, Phil Bourque, Rob Brown, and Kevin Stevens, all sat down with Paul ...

Phil Bourque, Ol' Two-Niner

Pittsburgh Penguins Phil Bourque stops by PTL to talk about his memories as a player and his new book.

Phil Bourque on Mario's Pool Party

Phil Bourque recounts the time he threw the Stanley Cup into Mario Lemieux's pool.

NHL Tonight: Phil Bourque: Penguins radio analyst, Phil Bourque, joins the show Nov 15, 2018

Phil Bourque joins Jamie to discuss all things Penguins including Jim Rutherford's extension, Carl Hagelin's trade, tonight's game ...

Phil Bourque, Penguins, 3/26/20 | Ferrall Coast to Coast

TIME STAMPING BELOW - - - - Scott Ferrall talks with former Pittsburgh Penguin, and current Penguins broadcaster, Phil Bourque ...

Craig Berube vs Phil Bourque

Berube pummels Bourque.

Jeff Odgers vs Phil Bourque

Jeff Odgers ( San Jose Sharks ) vs Phil Bourque ( NY / New York Rangers ) - NHL hockey fight Mar 19, 1993.

Phil Bourque Goal - Game 4, 1991 Stanley Cup Final Penguins vs. North Stars

Follow on Twitter - @BuffaloArchives - for updates and more information Phil Bourque (EN) scores at 19:45 of the third period, ...

Phil Bourque takes out his goalie IHL 95-96

A Cleveland Lumberjack sends Detroit Viper Phil Bourque crashing into his own goalie, injuring Darrin Madeley in the process.

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