Noboru Rena – video

GGXX-AC: Ten (IN) vs. Noboru (MI)

Accent Core: Ten (Ino) vs. Noboru (Millia)

Noboru(Millia) vs. LOX(Jam) 1 Guilty Gear XX Accent Core video of Shou, a really solid Millia player that unfortunately uses ...

GGXX-AC: RF (FA) vs Noboru (昇) (MI)

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Match RF (Faust) vs. Noboru (Millia) from

Rina Takeda smashes blocks with head, throws out first pitch

Actress Rina Takeda is well known around, for her work in films like Karate Girl, and got the chance to throw out ...

GGXX-AC: Kanata (SL) vs. Rena (MI)

Accent Core Match: Kanata (Slayer) vs. Rena (Millia)

GGXX-AC: Defure (FA) vs. Noboru (MI)

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Match Defure (Faust) vs. Noboru (Millia)

GGXX Slash MNE(Ky) vs. Rena(Millia)

Old a-cho Guilty Gear XX Slash match between old school Ky MNE and Rena Millia.

GGXX-AC: Kazu (JA) vs. Noboru (MI)

Accent Core: Kazu (Jam) vs. Noboru (Millia)

Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora-Rika and Yuuichi

OLD VIDEO SWEETSUNGIRLY~ Das Video mag ich sehr weil der Anime einfach super ist aber schade das er nur 6 Folgen hat^^

GG XX AC: - Ruu (BR) vs. Rena (MI)

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Match Ruu (Bridget) vs. Rena (MI) Awesome Match!

GGXX-AC: Nezu (RO) vs. Noboru (MI)

GGXXAC: Nezu (Robo-Ky) vs. Noboru (Millia)

Higurashi Motion Graphic vol.2 - Tsuki ha Noboru... (English Subbed)

Second MAD of the Higurashi Motion Graphic subbed in english, related to Watanagashi-hen and Meakashi-hen Song by Shinra ...

GGXX-AC: eki-chan (ZA) vs. Rena (MI)

Accent Core: eki-chan (Zappa) vs. Rena (Millia)

080609 GGXXAC: Noboru (MI) vs LOX (JA)

Taken from

GGXX-AC: Tara (PO) vs Rena (MI)

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Match Tara (Potemkin) vs. Rena (Millia) from A big thanks to rtl42, of, ...

SUBBED[Rena's view]Higurashi no naku koro ni[Onikakushi-hen]

I did not make this! Like I promised here is the subbed version. Enjoy!

GGXXAC Roz to Beni: Rena (MI) vs Kazu (JA)

Taken from

GGXX-AC: Rena (MI) vs. Shirakawa (ED)

Accent Core: Rena (Millia) vs. Shirakawa (Eddie)

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