Nikko Jenkins – video

Nikko Jenkins sentenced to death

nikkokjenkins #omaha #deathpenalty Nikko Jenkins sentenced to death.

Excerpts from Nikko Jenkins' interrogation tape

For the first time, we're getting a look at Omaha police interrogating serial killer Nikko Jenkins last summer.

Nikko Jenkins | Spree Killer File #4

Nikko Jenkins has killed four people just a few weeks after getting released from prison in 2013. He blames his doings on the ...

Behind The Madness:Nikko Jenkins (documentary)

Nikko Jenkins is one of the scariest individuals you'll ever hear about same goes with his family. Follow me on Instagram: ...

Nikko Jenkins reportedly swallows set of keys; Chambers calls for prison director's resignation

Family of Nikko Jenkins says NE Corrections Dept. staff wouldn't allow them to see Jenkins because he swallowed a set of keys.

Who are the Jenkins?

The Jenkins' family has seven convicted felons in two generations with two more facing felony charges.

Nikko Jenkins testifies at own hearing

The convicted spree killer testified that he is suffering from mental illness before a Douglas Co. District Court Judge on Tuesday.

Death penalty hearing starts after IQ questioned

A 3-judge panel will decide if Nikko Jenkins should get the death penalty, but not before the defense questioned his competency ...

Nikko Jenkins takes stand

Day 2 of death penalty hearing for convicted killer Nikko Jenkins featured him taking the stand and saying the prosecution was ...

Nikko Jenkins gets death penalty

Nikko Jenkins gets death penalty.

Erica Jenkins sentenced to 60-100 years in prison

Judge Peter Bataillon ordered her to spend at least 40 years behind bars for robbing two men near Spring Lake Park. Her brother ...

Case of Nikko Jenkins | The Jenkins Family

NikkoJenkins The interesting case of Nikko Jenkins and the Jenkins family. . . Why I Went To Prison ...

Siblings say Erica Jenkins admitted to shooting Bradford

The 24-year-old is accused of murdering Curtis Bradford along with her brother, Nikko Jenkins, in August 2013.

Suspect, key witness in Nikko Jenkins killing spree sentenced

Christine Bordeaux is sentenced to 20 years in prison for conspiracy to robber and attempted robbery.

Judge asks how Nikko Jenkins obtained razors to cut himself

A Douglas County judge wants to know how convicted killer Nikko Jenkins is getting razors to cut himself.

Judge finds Anthony Wells not guilty in Jenkins' case

In a bench trial, Judge Peter Bataillon said based on beyond reasonable doubt, Anthony Wells is not guilty.

Lori Jenkins Sentenced to 10 Years in Federal Prison

Jenkins, the mother of convicted killer Nikko Jenkins, says she doesn't condone anything he did and wasn't a part of it.

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