Nicola Crisa – video

Nicola's Tabata Workout

8 rounds, 8 exercises, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest.

Day in the Life of Nicola

Super fun day with Timmy Mahahaha and Rhiannon.

Fit Friends

With Mekonnen, Stella, Jordis, Sam, Sophie, Kalli and Sovannary.


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Dance with Pavement

i was lucky to be one of the winners of the Dance with Pavement Challenge. I won a $500 pavement voucher - yay!!! original video ...



Sik World - Broken Wings Feat. Janise Asia Reyes,Nicola Crisa & Lesly Guzman [Explicit Pt. 1]

Artist : Sik World Song : Broken Wings [Explicit Remix] Album : Broken Home [Explicit Remix] Artist : Daniel Knoxville Song ...

Shopping at Pavement

I love shopping and Pavement is one of my favourite brands! Join me as I check out some of their new winter collection. Nicola xo.

Music by Myuu - Bloody Tears Ft. Janise Asia Reyes,Nicola Crisa [Horror From "Castlevania 2017"]

Artist : Myuu Album : Reversion 2015 Song : Bloody Tears Main Theme [Horror From "Castlevania (2017)"] Artist : Various Artist ...

Stan Whitmire - Bella's Lullaby Feat. Nicola Crisa,Janise Reyes & Elizabeth Reaser [Love Lullaby]

Bella's Lullaby [Part.4] - Stan Whitmire Autumn Dolls - Brandon Fiechter Winter Few Month January,February❄️. This song from ...

St. Louis Company,Janise Reyes "NYC Subway Remembering"Feat. Nicola Crisa,Alfonso Orta [Part 2]

Last week very snow From Saturday,January 18,2020. Emergency Alerts System Weather : Rain & Snow 2.0 and even 1.11?

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