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Nick Searcy Recaps 'Justified' In 30 Seconds | Entertainment Weekly

The actor who plays Art Mullen on FX's hit show tries to recall everything that's 30 seconds. Subscribe to ...

Nick Searcy's 'Gosnell' Movie EXPOSES the Dreadful Religion of Abortion | Huckabee

Watch Huckabee Saturdays and again Sundays 8/7c exclusively on TBN Connect with Mike Huckabee: ...

The BORDER STATES of AMERICA with Nick Searcy

Please visit for more information about this film. An unprecedented wave of illegal ...

Nick Searcy Response to Leftist Celebrities “Imagine”

This is absolutely incredible. Nick Searcy skewers Leftist Hollywood.

Nick Searcy | Legal Action

Legal Action's Nick Searcy explains his character Solomon "Ex" Clemons.

Iraqi Veteran Bryan Anderson Beats Up Actor Nick Searcy

After a fist fight broke out between Peabody award-winning international film and television star Nick Searcy and Iraqi war hero ...

Nick Searcy Talks Hollywood Liberals || Louder With Crowder

Hear the full show! Nick Searcy discusses directing the upcoming "Gosnell Movie", but he ...

Nick Searcy Imagine Full Version

Twitter feed Video of Nick Searcy's version of Imagine! Not PC correct by any means! Great stuff from a true patriot Film & TV star.

Nick Searcy

Nick Searcy.

Nick Searcy raises awareness about a power grid failure

'Justified' star creates parody PSA Watch the video about On Air, Entertainment, Personality, Red Eye, Greg Gutfeld, Producers ...

Episode 1: Down Time

Nick Searcy explains the importance of rest and relaxation in the life of a professional actor.

Nick Searcy Interview - Justified (FX) Series Finale

Nick Searcy ('Art Mullen') talks about the series finale episode of FX's Justified. If you like this video, please make sure to click the ...

What's it like to be a conservative ... in Hollywood? Nick Searcy explains.

Being a conservative, or even a libertarian, is not the most convenient of things in all social settings. When Hollywood enters the ...

"Hollywood Says Thanks" -- Nick Searcy and son

Nick Searcy and son's message to the military.

Actor Nick Searcy on Gosnell Movie

TV actor Nick Searcy speaks to Bill O'Reilly about the crowdfunding project for the "Gosnell" movie.

Nick Searcy Interview - The Ugly Truth

Actor Nick Searcy talks about his role in the romantic comedy The Ugly Truth. The interview took place in 2006 at the film's ...

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