Midajah – video

(720pHD): WCW Nitro 07/10/00 - Midajah, Booker T & Stevie Ray Segment

Stevie Ray, Booker T and his wife are all in a segment but are interrupted by Scott Steiner's Number 1 Freak, Midajah.

Scott Steiner Freak Show

Take a look back at all the women in wrestling Scott Steiner was able to call one of his freaks. HOLLA IF YOU HERE ME!

(720pHD): WCW Nitro 06/05/00 - Scott Steiner (w/Midajah & Shakira) vs. Vampiro

Scott Steiner goes head to head with Vampiro, but his freaks, Midajah and Shakira, at his side - anything can happen.

WCW Thunder 12/11/00 - Paisley & Midajah Segments

Paisley and Midajah segments from throughout the night. No Copyright Intended.

(720pHD): WCW Nitro 12/18/00 - Midajah, Scott Steiner & Ric Flair Segment

Scott Steiner and Midajah make their way to the ring for a promo before being interrupted by "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair.

(720pHD): WCW Nitro 09/18/00 - Steiner/Jarrett (w/Midajah) vs. Sting/Booker T/Russo (ft. Miss Jones)

Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett (with Midajah) take on Booker T, Sting and Vince Russo in a handicap match but Miss Jones makes ...

(720pHD): WCW Nitro 10/30/00 - Midajah & Scott Steiner Segment

Scott Steiner shoots a promo with Midajah at his side, before a big Championship battle. No Copyright Intended.

(720pHD): WCW Nitro 11/06/00 - Midajah & Scott Steiner Segment (feat. Sting)

After Midajah proposed an attack on Sting from Scott Steiner backstage, Steiner takes to the ring for a promo. No Copyright ...

(720pHD): WCW Nitro 11/27/00 - Midajah & Scott Steiner Interview

"Mean" Gene Okerlund interviews Scott Steiner and Midajah backstage. No Copyright Intended.

(720pHD): WCW Nitro 11/06/00 - Scott Steiner (w/Midajah) & Jeff Jarrett vs. Sting & Buff Bagwell

Midajah accompanies Scott Steiner into teaming with Jeff Jarrett to face the team of Buff Bagwell and Sting. No Copyright ...

(720pHD): WCW Nitro 09/25/00 - Midajah, Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarrett, Vince Russo & Goldberg Segment

Scott Steiner, Midajah and Jeff Jarrett call out Vince Russo before Sting and Booker T are seen on the TurnerTron, bringing out ...

(720pHD): WCW Halloween Havoc 2000 - Pamela Paulshock Interviews Scott Steiner & Midajah

"Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner and Midajah are interviewed backstage at WCW PPV, Halloween Havoc 2000, by Pamela ...

(720pHD): WCW Nitro 12/04/00 - Midajah, Scott Steiner & Mike Sanders Backstage

Scott Steiner and Midajah are backstage with Mike Sanders. No Copyright Intended.

(720pHD): WCW Nitro 10/16/00 - Scott Steiner (w/Midajah) vs. Billy Kidman

Billy Kidman faces Scott Steiner (with Midajah at ringside) in a singles bout. No Copyright Intended.

(720pHD): WCW Nitro 07/18/00 - Midajah, Scott Steiner & Rick Steiner Backstage

Scott Steiner flips out backstage and Midajah and brother, Rick Steiner, try to ease him into calming down. No Copyright Intended.

(720pHD): WCW Nitro 10/23/00 - Pamela Paulshock Interviews Midajah & Scott Steiner

Scott Steiner and Midajah are interviewed backstage by Pamela Paulshock. No Copyright Intended.

(720pHD): WCW Nitro 11/13/00 - Scott Steiner (w/Midajah) & Sting vs. Mike Awesome & Bam Bam Bigelow

Midajah accompanies Scott Steiner to team with Sting against Mike Awesome and Bam Bam Bigelow in the London Lethal Lottery ...

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