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Gesture lecture test Version

A rough test for a recorded gesture lecture for Scott Eaton's "Bodies in Motion." Imagery is from https://www.bodiesinmotion.photo/

Eddie Hazel Michael Hampton Funkadelic - Maggot Brain

France prob Jan 1990 Great version of the Maggot Brain. Eddie Hazel RIP, Michael Hampton, Blackbyrd McKnight guitar.

Process studies

These drawings give an overview of the process from gesture, through construction, to anatomy. There are some issue throughout ...

MUST HAVE BOOKS: Michael Hampton Design and Invention

Link to the book...looks like the "first" edition back from 2013 is a bit more expensive...they both are similar, and either ...

Mike Hampton 2012-07-12 KneeDeep Solo


Micheal Hampton "PARLIAMENT- FUNKADELIC'' interview w/The Funk Chronicles.

The Funk Chronicles interview with Micheal Hampton lead guitarist for Parliament/Funkadelic w/host Rhine McLin and co-cost ...

Analytical Figure Drawing II Class with Michael Hampton

This is the second Analytical Figure Drawing class offered through CGMA. As such, this course builds on the skills and information ...

Michael Hampton - Maggot Brain Live @ Montreux

Michael Hampton playing Maggot Brain live @ Montreux 1994. This is a classic recording, one of the best I have heard,

Construction drawings

A video companion demonstrating the working process from the first 3 chapters from "Figure Drawing: Design and Invention."

Michael Hampton - Knee Deep

Michael "Kidd Funkadelic" Hampton - Knee Deep 2003 San Francisco, CA http://www.michaelwhampton.com/

Figure Drawing by Michael Hampton Review and Flip Through

A review and flip through of the book Figure Drawing Design and Invention by Michael Hampton.

Eddie Hazel & Mike Hampton - Maggot Brain

Free your mind and your ass will follow, sit back and relax, Maggot Brain 1985 Germany, Funkadelic.

Figure Drawing Part 1: Gesture Drawing

This is the first part in a series of videos that covers figure drawing for artists. Find more tutorials here: ...

Analytical Figure Drawing I Class with Michael Hampton

https://goo.gl/vXBc3X As students continue to develop a basic skill set throughout this course, a special emphasis will be placed ...

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