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Mark Spitz - Seven golds - Munich 1972 Olympic Games

At the 1972 Munich Games, Spitz was determined to make up for his below-par performances four years earlier at the 1968 ...

Swimmer Mark Spitz going for gold in Munich - Faster, Higher, Stronger - BBC Two

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1972 Olimpiadi; Mark Spitz: 200m Farfalla (01)

Nel 1972 alle Olimpiadi di Monaco, Mark Spitz vinse sette medaglie d'oro, un'impresa superata solo da Michael Phelps alle ...

Butterfly Evolution - 1970s-21st Century (Mark Spitz vs. Michael Phelps) Butterfly evolution from 1970s to 21st century.

Swimming under the Shadow of Mark Spitz | On the Line

Mark Spitz’s record-breaking run to his seventh gold medal had only one obstacle left: Australia’s Olympic champion Mike ...

Mark Spitz on Phelps, Lochte and why the Spirit of the Games is more important than Medals

Mark Spitz on Phelps, Lochte and why the Spirit of the Games is more important than Medals.

Mark Spitz - Olimpiadi Monaco 1972

Dalla trasmissione di Raisport "Perle di Sport" le telecronache delle sette medaglie d'oro conquistate dal grande nuotatore ...

Mark Spitz Finishes Last In The 200m Butterfly - Mexico 1968 Olympics

Mark Spitz didn't have the greatest performances at the Mexico 1968 Olympic Games and these highlights from his last place ...

Weekend Update: Mark Spitz on Michael Phelps - SNL

The second most famous U.S. Olympic swimmer, Mark Spitz (Andy Samberg), discusses Michael Phelps smoking pot and how his ...

Mark Spitz at Indiana: NCAA swimming championships (1969-72)

In between Olympics, legendary U.S. swimmer Mark Spitz was a star for Indiana from 1969-72. He finished his Hoosiers career ...

Mark Spitz - Munich 1972

Breve resumen de algunas carreras ganadas por el nadador norteamericano Mark Spitz en las Olimpiadas de Munich, 1972.

Mark Spitz @ AARP: "I'm glad I'm not an athlete today."

Mark Spitz in AARP's studios talking with Cynthia Steele Vance about his experiences from swimming in the Olympics and what ...

The Swimsuit Wars: Paul Biedermann vs. Mark Spitz in X-Gride Swimsuit | The Nature of Things | CBC

The X-Gride swimsuit ignited a firestorm of protest and an intervention from FINA. Who really won the 1972 200 metre world ...

Mark Spitz - supreme Olympian

From the DVD set "The Olympic Series". With acknowledgement, and presented for educational, non-commercial purposes only.

Mark Spitz Documentary

Ashleigh Sherman.

Big Ten Icons: #11 - Mark Spitz

Big Ten Icons: #11 - Mark Spitz.

Spitz: I would want to beat Phelps

Mark Spitz talks to CNN's Piers Morgan about Michael Phelps and who would win if they ever competed against each other.

Steve Lawrence as talk show host with Mark Spitz and Charo

Steve Lawrence as talk show host with Lyle Waggoner playing Mark Spitz and Carol Burnett playing Charo.

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