Lynne Cimorelli – video

Cimorelli and Lynne Cimorelli interview for This Is Jersey TV

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Lie detector w/Cimorelli and their Mom | Top Five Live

The Cimorelli sisters put their mom in the lie detector hot seat and ask her crazy questions! She's done WHAT?! WATCH THE ...

Lynne Cimorelli - About Lisa

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Lisa, Katherine and Lynne Cimorelli - Wild Sunday Night

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What's in My Hand with Lauren and Amy Cimorelli- Cimorelli Takeover

Watch Lauren and Amy Cimorelli play What's in My Hand! How to Braid - Get their EP "Renegade": ...

Christina Lynne Cimorelli

This is my fifty-four video 'Christina Lynne Cimorelli' .Sorry did not make the video yesterday, but I was at home my friend.

Happy Birthday Lynne Cimorelli

Happy birthday to Cimorellis mom!!!!

Christina Cimorelli BEST Solos 2017-2018

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Christina Lynne Cimorelli's 24th Birthday Video

Christina Cimorelli turns 24 today and I made this video for her x.

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