Lucas Papaelias – video

Funny Girl entrevista Lucas Papaelias do elenco original de Once

A nossa correspondente de NY, Miriam Spritzer, entrevista o ator Lucas Papaelias sobre o musical Once.

Claire Candela 9yrs old and Lucas Papaelias "Smoke on the Water"

1st time Claire playing the whole song! With great solo from Lucas at the end!

Claire and Lucas Papaelias(her former Once castmate) smoke on the water

Claire(age 9) playing Smoke on the water with Lucas.

TVCOM Tudo Mais: Bate papo com Lucas Papaelias sobre o Musical Once

Direto de Nova Iorque, Miriam Spritzer conversa com o ator Lucas Papaelias, do musical Once, em cartaz na Broadway. Matéria ...

Happy Birthday Alex!!

Members of the cast of Once sing a birthday song for Alexander's 3rd birthday!


a livestream of a live stream.

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"once is enough" episode 1: pre-matinee

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SCHOOL OF ROCK - Before and After 2020 | Real Name and Age SCHOOL OF ROCK 2003 Cast: 1. Jack Black - Dewey Finn 2.

Scene from This Flat Earth

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This Flat Earth Trailer

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Nederland [Нэ́йдэрланд]

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Škola ro(c)ku (2003) - trailer

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