Lance Krall – video

Boss' Bake Sale - Lance Krall Show

One part sketch, one part hidden camera prank.

Lance Krall Show - It's Magic! - Deleted Scene

David Blaine, eat your heart out.

Prank Call - Clock Trouble - Lance Krall


The Lance Krall Show

A mashup episode featuring some of my favorite sketches from of my old ass show (in glorious 360p!) on Spike TV (RIP). Enjoy!

Vietnamese Blind Date - Lance Krall

One of the first sketches filmed by Lance Krall and friends.

Chu Chi - Kill Your Cats - Lance Krall

Chu Chi, master of the afterlife, reads another fortune, and it's bad news for cats.

Chu Chi the street psychic - (lance krall)

Innocent bystandard gets his fortune read by Chu Chi (Lance Krall)

The Morning After - Lance Krall

The morning after is alwyas uncomfortable after a one night stand.

Lance Krall with Tony Hawk - Dissent

Tony Hawk's Dissent TV is an interview series hosted by legendary skateboarder, Tony Hawk. Viewers are given a "backstage ...

Christopher Walken Prank Call

Lance Krall impersonates Christopher Walken and pranks a restaurant.

Messing with Canadians - Lance Krall

While testing some camera equipment in the Hollywood Hills, a Canadian tour group made a stop to look at Madonna's house.

Lance Krall taekwondo fights

My old school fighting days.

Actor gets fired - Lance Krall Show

the very first scene of the Lance Krall Show.

Local News Reporter with tourettes - Lance Krall

This scene never made it on air, mostly because Lance couldn't keep a straight face long enough to make any sense.

Longest Prank Ever - Lance Krall

Watch Lance's new show, Free Radio on Vh1! Deleted scene from The Lance Krall Show. Inspired by Mr Show's, "The Audition.

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