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Kambri Crews performs at the RISK! Live Show in NYC - September 27, 2012

Kambri Crews performs at the People's Improv Theatre live for the RISK! podcast. www.RISK-show.com. True tales, boldly told.

NSL Bites: Kambri Crews on Her Unconventional Childhood With Deaf Parents

Author and comedic storyteller Kambri Crews shares how her tumultuous past served as a catapult to help her become a better ...

Kambri Crews Performs a Medley in ASL on the Soundtrack Series

I sang an ASL medley of all the songs featured in stories on "The Soundtrack Series". FF to 2:55 if you want to skip to the ASL.

Diversity Conversation: Kambri Crews

GRCC Alumnae and Fubble Entertainment creator Teresa Thome interviews performer and author Kambri Crews as part of the ...

Mark Conference: Kambri Crews

The Mark Conference set out to inspire action among students and encourage them to think critically about the "mark" they will ...

Kambri Crews - The Gospel of David (Lee Roth)

I told a story on the Soundtrack Series about how David Lee Roth was my unconventional life coach when I was 14 and spending ...

Kambri Crews • ‘Gratitude: The Legacy Show - #004’

Kambri Crews is an American comedic storyteller based in New York City and author of The New York Times bestseller Burn ...

Paying the Price for Smuggling Contraband in Prison | Kambri Crews | Yum's the Word

Kambri tried her best to forget about the contraband strapped in her waistband as the metal detector wand draped her body.

Kambri Crews: Memoir Lecture

Author Kambri Crews visited Fort Worth Library on Saturday June 30 to talk about her new memoir, Burn Down The Ground, ...

Kambri Crews at Gotham Comedy Club

Kambri Crews tells a story adapted from her memoir "Burn Down the Ground" at Gotham Comedy Club for a show to raise money ...

Yum's the Word: Kambri Crews

Author Kambri Crews shares the story of introducing her fiancee to her deaf father who's in prison for attempted murder. To hear ...

Kambri Crews & Christian Finnegan Share Delightfully Shocking Stories!!

What a Delight! with Chelsea White // Season 2, Episode 8 // 11.6.19 GUEST: Kambri Crews & Christian Finnegan Watch LIVE ...

Kambri Crews Reads from "Burn Down the Ground"

Kambri Crews reads an adapted excerpt from her memoir "Burn Down the Ground" during a show at Otto's Shrunken Head.

Kambri Crews Teaches the Elephant Game

Kambri Crews teaches the audience of "What's Your Story?" how to play a deaf party game called "Elephant."

The Last Thing A Young Woman Wants to See | Kambri Crews | Yum's the Word

New York Times best-selling author, Kambri Crews, unexpectedly learns what's really going on behind closed doors between her ...

Christian Finnegan & Kambri Crews Paint Along With Bob Ross | The Bob Ross Challenge

Married comedians Christian Finnegan and Kambri Crews put their patience with each other to the test as they take on The Bob ...

Kambri Crews In Studio

Kambri Crews In Studio at Comical Radio.

Kambri Crews on "Dear Diary" at QED

Reading from my childhood journal for a special Valentine's Day edition of "Dear Diary".

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