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TYSON FURY v JOHN McDERMOTT 1 - 12 September 2009

English Heavyweight title. Is this the only fight Tyson Fury has ever really lost or did he really win?

The Band Played Waltzing Matilda - John McDermott

I HAVE MADE A BETTER QUALITY (revised) OF THIS CLIP A very sad, but ...

John Mcdermott -my old man

for my dearst father. John came in to my life whith a visite to Scotland in 2005.To visite the Edinburgh tattoo. I love the music of ...

John McDermott - Massacre Of Glencoe

Photos: taken from internet. Glencoe. Enjoy! :)))

John McDermott/Allison Girvan - Here You Are

Beautiful duet featuring John McDermott and Allison Girvan.

Green Fields of France by John McDermott

Green Fields of France is a song by John McDermott. The video is set to world war one related pictures.


The rematch for the English Heavyweight title. Fury won the first match controversially. No controversy this time.

David Price vs. John McDermott

Live from the Liverpool Olympia David Price taken on John McDermott for the English heavyweight title.

John McDermott - Loch Lomond (By Yon Bonnie Banks)

Photo: taken from the internet. Loch Lomond. Enjoy! :)))

John McDermott - Flower Of Scotland

Photos: John McDermott - Scottish Thistle - Scotland Flag (all found on internet) Enjoy! :) O Flower of Scotland, When will we see ...

John McDermott - Daughter Of Mine

Image: taken from Internet. Watercolour. Enjoy! :))

McDermott v Fury Highlights

McDermott v Fury Highlights.

John McDermott- Battle Hymn of the Republic (LIVE)

John McDermott Battle Hymn of the Republic (LIVE) "a time to remember" DVD (2002) click "Show more" to see lyrics. Lyrics: Mine ...

John McDermott - Believe Me (If All Those Endearing Young Charms)

Photo: Sunflower (taken by me) Lyrics: Believe me if all those endearing young charms Which I gave on so fondly today Were to ...

John McDermott - ♫ Auld Lang Syne♫

Photos: taken from the internet. Snow in Scotland. Enjoy! :)))

John McDermott- The Last Rose of Summer (LIVE)

John McDermott The Last Rose of Summer (LIVE) "The Irish Tenors Live From Belfast" DVD (2000) click "Show more" to see lyrics ...

John McDermott- Danny Boy (LIVE)

John McDermott Danny Boy (LIVE) "a time to remember" DVD (2002) click "Show more" to see lyrics. Lyrics: Oh, Danny boy, the ...

John McDermott - Try To Remember

Photos: taken by me. Countryside in different season. Enjoy! :)))

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