John Liu – video

John Liu - Music Video Tribute (best viewed in 720p)

Tribute to another one of the greatest screen-kickers of all time...John Liu Chung Liang.

Hope in a Changing Climate - by John D. Liu (2009)

Hope in a Changing Climate optimistically reframes the debate on global warming. Illustrating that large, decimated eco-systems ...

Regreening the desert with John D. Liu | VPRO Documentary | 2012

For more than 15 years, cameraman and ecologist John D. Liu has been working on his worldwide mission to green deserts and to ...

Stahlfaust (John Liu, Deutsch, Eastern)

Alternative Titel: Der stählerne Todesgriff der Shaolin, Der eiserne Panzer, Invincible Armour, Ying zhao tie bu shan (HK, TW ...

Movie Hong Kong | ''Kung Fu Mission Incredible'' - ''Sứ Mệnh Võ Thuật''v

A powerful martial arts master has the daunting task of training a group of misfits to become the best kung fu fighters. Cheh Tin ...

The Paradigm Shift leading to Survival and Sustainability | John D. Liu | TEDxWageningenUniversity

John D. Liu underlines the importance of life, nature, and the earth in relation to humans. Through his camera lense, ...

John Liu - Final Fight

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Wu Tang Collection - Dragon Blood

Director: John Liu Cast: Cyrielle Clair, Phillip Ko, John Liu Liu travels to the USA from China in search of his relatives and the ...

John Liu en Paris

Película de John Liu de 1979.

John D. Liu - Reversing Desertification - Restoring Massively Degraded Ecosystems

John Liu has lent his knowledge to countless ecological restoration efforts across the globe. In the numerous projects he's ...

Eine Prise für tödliche Pfeifen (John Liu, Deutsch, Eastern)

Alternative Titel: Shen Tui Tie Shan Gong, Snuff Bottle Connection (TW 1977)

2 Great Cavaliers with Angela Mao Ying & John Liu

2 Great Cavaliers (1978) with John Liu, Angela Mao, Chen Sing, Yeung Lung Kar. Plot: After his fiance is murdered by ...

THE MAR'S VILLA | 神腿 | Wu Tang Magic Kick | John Liu | 劉忠良 | Full Kung Fu Movie | English | 功夫电影

Mar Tien Liang is the master of the Magic Kick. When his home is attacked by the Fang Kang he effortlessly defeats his ...

John Liu vs. Hwang Jang Lee - Instant Kung Fu Man (1977)

My absolute favourite exchange between 2 of the greatest on-screen kickers. Choreographed by the legendary Yuen Woo Ping.

Snuff Bottle Connection Full Movie; John Liu

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Wu Tang Collection - The Dragon, The Hero (English Subtitles)

Director: Godfrey Ho Cast: John Liu, Philip ko, tino Wong, Bolo Yeung. Two men famous for their 'Stone Fist' fighting style, join ...

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