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Jerry Shirley of Humble Pie rehearsing @ Right Turn Live 11-19-11

Jerry Shirley stopped by Right Turn Live in Arlington, MA to promote his new book "Best Seat In The House: Drumming In The '70s ...

Jerry Shirley Rockin' On!

At Best Seat in the House book launch party, 11-13-11, The Echo, Echo Park, CA I think this is the lineup: Jerry Shirley (Humble ...

Peter Frampton with Jerry Shirley - Four Day Creep - The Roundhouse -London 5/11/13

Peter Frampton with Jerry Shirley - Four Day Creep - The Roundhouse - London 5/11/13.

SYD BARRETT - OLYMPIA, LONDON 6 GIUGNO 1970 (con Gilmour e Shirley)

Syd Barrett suonò il suo unico concerto da solista all'Olympia di Londra il 6 giugno 1970. Nella sua band c'erano David Gilmour ...

Humble Pie Q&A - Other Bands Peter Frampton & Jerry Shirley talk about other bands they would have liked to be in.

Jerry Lewis e Shirley MacLaine em Artistas e Modelos

Jerry Lewis e Shirley MacLaine em Artistas e Modelos, em uma engraçadíssima sequência com a música Innamorata ...

Humble Pie Q&A - Post-Show Peter Frampton & Jerry Shirley tell all about what happened when they came off stage at the ...


In the late 1980's original Humble Pie drummer Jerry Shirley wanted to reactivate the band. Original guitarist/vocalist Steve ...

Humble Pie - Honky Tonk Women - 1973 (good quality).MP4

Jerry Shirley's one of the greatest rock and roll drummers of all time! It's a shame that he doesn't get more credit! He was only 17 ...

Jerry Shirley's Birthday Party (featuring Flatt Lonesome)

Surprise birthday party. Bluegrass band Flatt Lonesome performed.

"Spiritual Gift of Leadership" By Pastor Jerry Shirley

Sunday Evening Service 3/1/2020 Nehemiah 2.

'Best seat in the house' by Jerry Shirley book review

This book was pretty fascinating.It is amazing how thing's turn out sometime's. Jerry had a wild ride as a young man.

"Guest Speaker" Jerry Shirley

Sunday Evening Service 10/20/2019.

Fastway - Feel Me, Touch Me (Do Anything You Want)

From the 1983 debut album FASTWAY."Fast" Eddie Clarke (Motorhead) and Pete Way (UFO) were getting fed up with their ...

radio kings,jerry shirley,entry #000038 if u ever change your mind

part of the grand opening of ryzers rock cafe...may of 96 filmed by me MaddMAC'S-(- M. ichael A. C. irino' S. ometymes-) and now ...

"Bringing People to Jesus" By Pastor Jerry Shirley

Sunday Morning Service 3/1/2020 John 1: 35-51.

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