Jay Onrait – video

Jay Onrait Takes Us To His New FOX Sports Studio Home

Follow Jay as he makes his way to the stage for the very first FOX Sports Live show.

Best of Jay Onrait and Dan O'Toole

Funniest sports anchors ever. The quality gets much better after the first clip. Thanks to MrLogue1021 for uploading most of these ...

The Best of Jay and Dan's First Week

Here's a roundup of Jay and Dan's first week on the job.

Jay Onrait really wants you to watch Colts/Giants on FOX

Jay Onrait of FOX Spots Live wants you to watch the NFL on FOX. Check out this epic promo for Colts/Giants.

Jay Onrait and Dan O'Toole explain their favourite catchphrases

Jay Onrait and Dan O'Toole return to TSN on September 4th. Read the full story here: http://bit.ly/2iY9DSy.

Jay Onrait teletubbies...club??

After some annoying morning programming, Jay Onrait mocks broadcaster for the "quality programming" they decided to show.

Jay Onrait - Best of BOBROVSKY!

A compilation of Jay Onrait's best BOBROVSKY calls. Nick Foligno joins in the fun at the end! BOBROVSKY!

Jay Onrait dances to "The Hockey Theme"

Fired up for another NHL game on TSN, Jay Onrait shows us how he would dance to "The Hockey Theme" at a wedding.

The Best of Jay and Dan's First Show

Check out the best moments of Jay Onrait and Dan O'Toole from the first night of FOX Sports Live.

BT Vancouver: Anchor Boy Jay Onrait

Beloved Canadian sportscaster Jay Onrait joins us live from Los Angeles to talk about his move down south to FOX and how the ...

Don't Stop Believing - Jay Onrait & Dan O'Toole

A Kraft Celebration Tour great! Jay & Dan gets the whole community of Clarenville, NFLD singing Journey's Don't Stop Believing...

Jay Onrait's 'Number Two': Short stories from a tall man

Former TSN personality Jay Onrait, talks about his new book 'Number Two' which features a collection of embarrassing stories.

Jay and Dan read Tweets about the FOX Sports Live debut

Jay and Dan read and react to some choice tweets about the very first FOX Sports Live show.

Naming the Plant

Jay Onrait puts on a Pierre LeBrun shirt and reads off a list of names for his desk plant.

Jay & Dan... "Dance"

Jay and Dan decide to... wait for it....................... DANCE!

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