James Murphy (Guitarist) – video

James Murphy - Convergence {Full Album}

Artist: James Murphy Album: Convergence Genre: Progressive Metal/Fusion Country: U.S Year: 1996 For fans of Testament, ...

James Murphy - "Past, Present and Future"

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Satans Taint guest solo

guest solo for Bobby Gustafson's "Satans Taint"u.

Top 10 (The Second One) - James Murphy's Solos

Second video top 10 that I made about James Murphy, This guy is amazing! If you like the top do not forget to click on like and ...

A #Guitar Story 🎸 James Murphy

Follow me: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/spokorney1 TWITTER: https://twitter.com/smpokorney1?lang=en Pay Pal: ...

James Murphy (Death/Testament/Obituary) RAISE THE GUNS guest solo 1

James Murphy of Death/Testament/Obituary/Disincarnate laying down a sick guest solo for the RAISE THE GUNS song "Fall Of ...

Low by Testament featuring James Murphy on Guitar

Chuck Billy on Vocals and Erik Peterson Guitar...John Tempesta ..Drums.

obituary-infected-james murphy

another great solo by one of my favorite guitarist: James MURPHY recorded with my new ESP horizon nt1. this is the third solo i ...

Death - Spiritual Healing - Houston 4.07.90 6 of 8 Afterdark

Line-up: Chuck Schuldiner - Guitar, Vocals James Murphy - Guitar Terry Butler - Bass Bill Andrews - Drums Video by: Sean Sitka ...

Rhodes Amplification Colossus H-100 quick overview

a brief Rhodes Amplification Colossus H-100 overview Caparison Angelus w/ EMG 85, Vader 4x12 Cab... KaBL guitar cable, no ...

A DARK UNITED FRONT: James Murphy Interview 09/13/2016

My telephone interview w/ legendary death metal guitarist, James Murphy for my Facebook music fan page, A DARK UNITED ...

Matt Murphy - Murphy's Boogie 1963 (live)

Matt "Guitar" Murphy Willie Dixon Memphis Slim Billy Stepney The American Folk Blues Festival tour of Europe (1962-1966)

obituary - turned inside out live 1990 (ft James Murphy)

obituary - turned inside out live ft. James Murphy.

Annihilation By The Hands Of God (solo)

annihilation by the hands of god roadrunner united james murphy solo.

Obituary - Interview & Live in 1990

Interview with James Murphy, Frank Watkins and Donald Tardy & Live at L' Amours in Brooklyn, NY, USA 19/08/1990 uploaded ...

obituary-chopped in half-james murphy

jmes murphy chopped in half solo. the backing track is the demo version without any solo. recorded with ibanez rg2550,line6 ...

James Murphy - No One Can Tell You

James Murphy - Guitars Chuck Billy - Vocals Steve DiGiorgio - Bass Deen Castronovo - Drums.

Outliar guest solo

My first attempt since taking ill again... down, but not out.

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