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Matt & Hugh: the mystery of two balls in a can

Dr Hugh Hunt is a Reader in Engineering at the University of Cambridge and a Fellow of Trinity College. ...

Matt & Hugh: The Euler Disk Which Spins Forever

Matt and Hugh play with an Euler Disk which spins forever. Then they do some working out to check Matt's previous calculations.

Dr Hugh Hunt on Fifth Gear

Fifth Gear Stunt Special, 23 May 2009.

Matt & Hugh play with a Brick and derive Centripetal Acceleration

Matt and Hugh play with a tennis ball and a brick. Then they do some working out to derive the formula for the centripetal force (a ...


Dr. Hugh Hunt is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Engineering at Cambridge University, and a Fellow of Trinity College.

The Tuning Fork Mystery: unexpected vibrations

Check out the puzzles over on Brilliant! Use that URL to help support this video and save money ...

Matt & Hugh: Euler Disk III, The Correctioning

Watch the rest of the Euler Disk Trilogy! - The Maths of Spinning Coins and Euler's Disk ...

Postcards from backstage: Hugh and the Wall of Death Units

See Katie’s postcard here: Rob’s postcard over here: More about ...

ITV Anglia Report on Trinity's Mercury Viewing with Dr Hugh Hunt

ITV NEWS Anglia Report on Mercury Viewing by Stuart Leithes, filmed in Great Court at Trinity College Cambridge.

1B Mechanics Lecture with Dr Hugh Hunt and alumnus Andrew Smyth

Alumnus Andrew Smyth, who was runner-up on BBC competition The Great British Bake Off (2016), took part in a lecture on food ...

Interview with Hugh Hunt

Interview with Hugh Hunt during the Climate Engineering Conference 2014 in Berlin, hosted by IASS (Institute for Advanced ...

ENGINEERING - Carbon Waste - Hugh Hunt

How do we individually contribute to carbon waste? Hugh Hunt explains.

Boomerangs, Bouncing Balls and Spinny Things by Dr Hugh Hunt, University of Cambridge

Spinning things are strange. Why does a spinning top stand up? Why doesn't a rolling wheel fall over? Why is top-spin so effective ...

Kevin Anderson & Hugh Hunt - A Rule Book for the Climate Casino

http://ScientistsWarning.TV/ - Kevin and Hugh are back with us discussing the new 'climate glitterati' that come annually to ...

Dr. Hugh Hunt & Professor Kevin Anderson discussing Climate Change realities In this spontaneous conversation between ...

Hugh Hunt in conversation with Dr. Steb Fisher

Hugh Hunt in conversation with Dr Steb Fisher, filmed at Trinity College Cambridge.

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