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Grant George Animation

Voice Artist Grant George Animation Demo.

GRANT GEORGE | Theatrical Reel

A collection of scenes from Actor GRANT GEORGE'S Film & TV work.

GRANT GEORGE | On-Camera Commercial Reel

A compilation of TV Commercials featuring On-Camera Actor, GRANT GEORGE.

GRANT GEORGE | Ant-Man Highlights from LEGO Marvel Avengers Reassembled

GRANT GEORGE IS THE VOICE OF ANT-MAN in this laugh-filled action-packed Lego Movie! Watch these Ant-Man highlights, ...

GRANT GEORGE | Theatrical Reel 2020

A collection of clips from Actor GRANT GEORGE'S Film & TV work.

GRANT GEORGE | Hunter x Hunter | Knov Breakdown Scene

Hear GRANT GEORGE as Knov in this intense scene. Sincerest thanks to Voice Director, Tony Oliver, who let Grant roll right ...

Mythicon 2013: NES Films Interview with Grant George

Sorry about the awkward camera angle guys, Zero is still getting used to it! Mythicon 2013, we got a chance to interview Grant ...

Voiceover Artist: Grant George | Video Animation Demo 2013

Watch clips from some of Voice Actor Grant George's latest work in Animation and Anime!

Grant George Promos

Listen to Grant George lend his 100% man voice to this huge range of promos!

GRANT GEORGE | Voice of Troyo in Disney's Elena of Avalor

Hear Grant George as the voice of the new villain, Troyo, as Elena of Avalor: Season 2 kicks off!

[ANIREVO SUMMER 2015] Jessica Gee George and Grant George Exclusive Interview

Grant and Jessica are a power couple that have dominated the anime scene with their voice over dubs. Grant has appeared in ...

Still Lamenting for a Nation?

Forty-five years after George Grant's "Lament for a Nation," what is the state of Canadian nationalism?

GRANT GEORGE | Voice of Troyo in Disney's Elena of Avalor

Watch GRANT GEORGE'S voice work in action as the recurring villain, TROYO, in Season 3 Episode 3 of Disney's ELENA OF ...

Danganronpa V3 English VA AX 2017 PANEL Hightlights (Monokuma's Blind Dating Game)

Eyyyyy everyone! It's been a while \( ^o^ )/. First of all THIS TOOK SO LONG TO MAKE AND IDEK WHYYY?! Despite that though, it ...

PT1 Husband & Wife Voice Over Team - Grant & Jessica Gee-George | Voice Actors, Acting

Chuck and Stacey welcome the Voiceover Dynamic Duo, Grant George and Jessica Gee-George to the show. They uniquely dominate in ...

Speakers Q&A, with Douglas Wilson and George Grant (Session 5)

Speakers Q&A, with Douglas Wilson and George Grant Christ Church Missions Conference 2019, in Moscow, Idaho.



GRANT GEORGE | Hot Wheels Track Wars Special Edition: Monster Jam

Check out a Sneak Peek of the NEW YouTube Series "TRACK WARS" Hosted by Voice Over Artist GRANT GEORGE! Click here ...

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