Grant Cogswell – video

Words' Worth Poetry Program - Curated by Grant Cogswell, 2004-2005

Color with sound. 2004-2005 collection of the Words' Worth Poetry Program readings. Poetry read at Seattle City Council Public ...

Interview: Grant Cogswell and Phil Campbell

Tom Tangney talks to two former Seattleites about their 2001 bid for city council. The book that told the tale and film that makes an ...

How I Met Grant Cogswell

Theresa talks about the event that led to her first meeting with Grant and the origination of the Grant Cogswell Sandwich.

Cthulhu - Behind the set with Grant Cogswell, Screenwriter /

Cthulhu - Behind the set with Grant Cogswell, Screenwriter / Executive Producer.

Network X - City Council Candidate: Grant Cogswell

Network X - 10/16/01 - Guest - Grant Cogswell, Candidate Seattle Council Position 8.

Cogswell Campaign: "Granted"

Wayne, a Grant Cogwell volunteer, takes a stab at Hollywood with a silver screen adaptation of his real-life hero.

Cogswell's Grant Aerial Video

This is Tim Sturgeon's drone flyover of the Cogswell Grant, done for Historic New England. In 1636 the following entry appears in ...

Grassroots Trailer

GRASSROOTS. True story. A short-tempered, unemployed music critic who likes to dress as a polar bear thinks he can harness ...

Cogswell Campaign: Inauguration

Wayne, a Grant Cogswell volunteer, plans for the event of the new millenium.

Cogswells Grant Meadowlarks 07-16-19

A brief walk along the edge of the field at Cogswell's Grant in Essex.

Grassroots Jason Biggs & Stephen Gyllenhaal Interview

Jason Biggs & Grassroots director Stephen Gyllenhaal chat about pranking on the set of Grassroots & American election political ...

euronews cinema - "Grassroots", the latest film from Stephen Gyllenhaal "American Pie" actor Jason Biggs stars in new film "Grassroots," which tells the true story of an ...

Grassroots Trailer - Jason Biggs Movie HD

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