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Elliott Hanna - DWC2016 - Solo Song & Dance

Dance world cup 2016 in Jersey. Elliott Hanna, winner of the KSV - Children Solo Song & Dance. Song: Friend Like Me ...

"Electricity" — Billy Elliot the Musical Live (with lyrics) Elliot Hanna, Zack

From the 2014 DVD: Billy Elliot the Musical Live 2014. Elliott Hanna as Billy Elliot Deka Walmsley as Jackie Elliot.


Excellent Quality -- Posted by a loving fan of Billy Elliot the Musical. Companion video from Billy Live: https://youtu.be/jMhe5mzffCI ...

Elliott Hanna & Zach Atkinson Radio Interview

From 9/15. The two London stars of "BILLY ELLIOT" are interviewed on the radio show 'Mad About Musicals' with Steve Little.

Elliott Hanna and Tomi Fry from Billy Elliot

Elliot and Tomi on Mel and Sue's show 13th February 2015.

Elliott Hanna: Quick-Fire Interview

Our final Billy quick-fire round is with Elliott Hanna. Check it out!

Elliott Hanna - DWC2016 Gala - Friend Like Me

Solo Song & Dance from Dance World Cup 2016 Gala. Song: Friend Like Me.

Elliott Hanna and Zach Atkinson's last show

Billy - Elliott Hanna, Michael - Zach Atkinson, Debbie - Demi Lee, SB - Arran Fraser Glen, TB - Frederick Neilson.

Elliott Hanna - DWC2016 - Junior Quartet/Quad Modern Dance (any style)

Dance world cup 2016 in Jersey. 7th in the JQM - Junior Quartet/Quad Modern Dance (any style). Song: Young & Beautiful ...

End (with Michael)/Curtain Call — Billy Elliot the Musical Live, Elliott Hanna

Final scene of the live show, followed by a curtain call with musical and dance numbers from the cast ending with a gathering of ...

Elliott Hanna's Tap Solo - Dance World Cup

Elliott Hanna's incredible tap solo at the Dance World Cup on the 26th of June 2016.

Elliott Hanna and Tayluer Amos Sky 1 28 december 2014

Elliott and Tayluer on Got to dance Farewell Celebration Show.

Elliott Hanna as Billy Elliot at West End Live 2014

The Billy Elliot cast perform a hootenanny at West End Live 21 June 2014. With Elliott Hanna (Billy) and Zach Atkinson (Michael).

Elliott Hanna - DWC2016 Gala - Bills

Quartet/Quad Tap from Dance World Cup 2016 Gala. Song: Bills.

Elliott Hanna, Tap Class - Ep. 2, Part 1 (Instagram Live)

Some Highlights... 25:44 - It's Got Mould On It 27:37 - Towel 28:41 - Layer Clothing 44:44 - Please Don't Make Me Do It Slow.

Billy Elliot's Angry Dance

Billy's angry dance in Billy Elliot The Musical Live.

Elliot Hanna-Kalki

Elliot Hanna-Kalki Nazene Danielle's Dance Dynamix Teen Solo The Dance Awards Las Vegas.

Got To Dance Series 3: Tayluer & Elliott Audition

Astonishingly graceful performance from the two young youngsters. See more videos and pictures at http://www.sky.com/dance.

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