Eddie Velez – video

The Big Interview - Eddie Velez

We tracked down Eddie Velez of the San Diego Sockers just in time for the Conference Finals weekend.

The A-Team (PL) intro Thema 2 ....in to Eddie Velez and Robert Vaughn

The A-Team DvD intro in the The A-Team musik , Eddie Velez , and Robert Vaughn.

Eddie Velez - W.O.T.B.A.G, Balintawak."Club De La Eskrima"

http://www.arniseskrima.org http://www.clubdelaeskrima.com Entrevista a Eddie Velez de W.O.T.B.A.G Balintawak,hijo del ...


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eDDie Velez Preachin'

Preachin' salvation at Holy Hip Hop 08.

Eddie Velez Teovels Balintawak

Visitanos: http://www.eskrimadecombate.com Eddie velez teovels balintawak. Curso Online Baraw Sugbo y DVD de Eduardo ...

Training with CM Eddie Velez

Reviewed hitting/setting lesson before working on applications.


Some trainings with my friend, Master Eddy Velez.

Balintawak Eskrima. Eddie Velez Teovels Balintawak.

Visitanos: http://www.eskrimadecombate.com Balintawak eskrima. Eddie velez teovels balintawak Curso Online Baraw Sugbo y ...

Eddie Velez's game-winning goal against the Dallas Sidekicks

San Diego Sockers versus Dallas Sidekicks, 2-1-2013.

Coronavirus-Hand Made Sanitizer by Anna and Eddie Velez

My hubby and I have been traveling a lot and every store we went to was out of hand sanitizer. Here's a short video of how to ...

Eddie Velez and Ricardinho

BFF. This goes to show that even during an intense game, friends can still be friends on and off the field. In the end it is just a ...

Basic Pay

From the award-winning television series 'Tour of Duty' Episode title: "Non-Essential Personnel" Season 2, Episode 5, Airdate: ...

Eddie Velez Goal vs Francis Parker 2016

Eddie Velez scores a goal vs Francis Parker.

post game with Eddie Velez April 20th

Following the MASL Pacific Division playoffs we spoke with Sockers player Eddie Velez.

March 15th interview with Eddie Velez

A brief discussion with Eddie Velez after the Sockers/Sidekicks game March 15th.

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