Cynthia Lennon – video

Cynthia Lennon interviews Julian about John [Rare interview]

Cynthia interviews Julian about his memories of father John Lennon. (Not sure what year this was?)

Rare Cynthia Lennon interview about The Beatles February 1995

Hardly seen Cynthia Lennon interview from 1995.

Cynthia Lennon - In Loving Memory

Cynthia Lennon 1939 - 2015 A diligent search to find and approach the copyright holders of the photographs appearing in this ...

John Lennon Wife - Cynthia Lennon EXCLUSIVE 30 Minute BBC Interview & Life Story

GET THIS BOOK BY CYNTHIA CLICK HERE In 2006 Belfield was honoured to interview Cynthia Lennon ...

Cynthia Lennon talks about Yoko's treatment of Julian regarding John's will, meeting John & her art

What a lovely lovely lady. Dignified, polite and the polar opposite of the disgraceful Yoko OrNearestOffer. RIP Ma'am. X. John ...

Cynthia Lennon on John's Jealousy

From Cynthia Lennon's "John".

Cynthia Lennon : brief TV interviews...

and I've added a Richard Stilgoe Beatles tribute song at the end....

Rare Cynthia Lennon interview with John Stapleton Part 2 of 2

Rare Cynthia Lennon interview. RIP (unfortunately I don't have the entire interview)

Those Were the days- Cynthia Lennon

Cynthia singing Those Were The days.

Cyn Lennon with The Beatles - Part 1

Hi! (: this are video parts aboout cynthia on the firts USA tour and some interviews hope u like it -CynLennon1.

John and Cynthia

No matter if she says that john was an arse she's still in love with him i think taht because when someone that you love hurts you, ...

Last Radio Interview Cynthia Lennon - Alex Belfield BBC / The Sun / Celebrity Radio / Mirror

Enjoy Cynthia Lennon's last BBC interview as featured in The Sun newspaper on the 3rd April 2015. RIP Cynthia. Hear 100's of ...

Cynthia Lennon on Wogan 1985

First few minutes of an interview with John Lennon's hotter wife. Start of a Terry Wogan show I found on an old VHS.


I couldn't add the songs I want but anyways! CYNTHIA LENNON; -Her biggest dream was being an art teacher but she had to give ...

Paul McCartney, Yoko Ono Pay Tribute to Cynthia Lennon

Paul McCartney, Yoko Ono Pay Tribute to Cynthia Lennon Paul McCartney, Yoko Ono Pay Tribute to Cynthia Lennon Paul ...

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