Chase Twichell – video

Chase Twichell

Chase Twichell reads her poem 'Savin Rock', which recalls and questions her memory of being 'the girl who was eventually ...

Chase Twichell - A Poet's Reading

Chase Twichell discusses her literary influences and the importance of reading and writing for the fledgling poet.

Chase Twichell - Drafting and Revising

Poet Chase Twichell reveals writing strategies that free the writer from the creative bottleneck that can occur when working from ...

Chase Twichell - Poetry and Geography

Chase Twichell talks about the tremendous impact of geography and the environment in her poetry.

Chase Twichell: Horses Where the Answers Should Have Been

Chase Twichell's poetry is marked by a strong identification with the natural world, one that exceeds any with other human beings.

Chase Twichell reads "Negligent World Aside"

New York State Summer Writers Institute, July 14, 2010.

Chase Twichell - Drugs and Art

Chase Twichell reveals the influence that drugs, particularly marijuana, have had on her life and work, while cautioning against ...

Chase Twichell - Living Poetry

Poet Chase Twichell visited Austin Community College on March 22, 2012. Here she discusses talent, motivation, and the ...

Chase Twichell - "Math Trauma"

Chase Twichell reads this poem from her book "Horses Where the Answers Should Have Been."

Chase Twichell - "Sayonara Marijuana, Mon Amour"

Poet Chase Twichell reads this selection from her book "Horses Where the Answers Should Have Been."

To the Reader: Twilight by Chase Twichell - My Rapid Recitation

Whenever I look out at the snowy mountains at this hour and speak directly into the ear of the sky, it's you I'm thinking of. You're ...

Chase Twichell, "Stripped Car"

Recorded at home on 7/5/13 @ 9:45 pm. Those are fireworks in the background; the children in the ...

AW Self Portrait POL 2015

Poetry Out Loud 2015 Self-Portrait by Chase Twichell.

Chase Twichell and Cornelius Eady on Black Nature Writing

Chase Twichell and Cornelius Eady discuss the editor's role in black poetry and nature writing.

Things As It Is by Chase Twitchell

Chase Twitchell reads the title poem from her new book, Things As It Is, at the Miami Book Fair with SoFloPoJo.

Tufts Poetry Awards Panel Discussion

English Prof. Lori Anne Ferrell moderates panelists Chase Twichell, judge for the Kingsley Tufts Poetry Awards Don Share, judge ...

Erotic Energy - Chase Twichell

Kurt Reads a Poem (07/15/2014)

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