Betty Dodson – video

The Betty Dodson Method They're going to study/research the Betty Dodson Method & Bodysex Effect - get it all down on ...

How to Squirt

Female ejaculation is real but it's not an orgasm.

How to Give a Blow Job

For more, go to Laura sent us a message on facebook asking for first time blow job advice.

How Do I Orgasm During Partnersex?

Dodson & Ross answer women's #1 sex question: How do I come during partnersex?

Clitoral Orgasm as Yoga Practice with Betty Dodson filmed by Annie Sprinkle

Betty's brilliant comments on clitoral orgasm will guide and enhance your Orgasmic Yoga practice. Betty emphasizes breathing ...

How Did Betty & Carlin Meet...Are They Having Sex?

For more, go to We love our story.

How to Orgasm

We're shooting our manual series right to play with your vulva and give yourself an orgasm. Here's the PG version.

Betty Draws the Internal Clitoris The video that went viral.

Betty Dodson The Fine Artist Betty started her career as a fine artist. Click here to view her work ...

The Never-Ending Orgasm (Full Documentary) | Only Human

The female orgasm: a mystery to some - a door to a better and happier life to others. Follow these different women's journey as ...

Betty & Carlin's Orgasms on Film We decided to film the orgasm technique we teach in the bodysex we come.

How to Have Multiple Orgasms

For more, go to You asked and we answered. Any woman can have multiple orgasms - know that ...

Betty Dodson: Her Life of Sex & Art Part I

Betty takes you back to Kansas where she was born when she headed off the nyc to become a famous artist. Buy the dvd here: ...

Orgasms at 90 Betty will be 90 years old this August and her orgasms are getting better.

Betty Dodson and the secret to female orgasms

Betty Dodson, the "Grandmother of Masturbation" joins Good Vibrations staff sexologist Carol Queen and The Center of Sex ...

Carlin Updates Her Masturbation Technique

For more, go to Last week I admitted only having tension orgasms during masturbation.

Betty Dodson PhD-Petals The Journey-Bonus Feature

A legendary teacher, highlights a lifetime of her art and teaching experiences recorded at the Erotic Arts Festival in Victoria B.C..

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