Bert Convy – video

Bert Convy Super Password Bloopers

Bert Convy had a knack for giving away the answer during his tenure as host of Super Password. Here are some clips of Convy's ...

Tattletales 1976 - Convy/Dawson/Narz

WTXF-DT4 Allentown/Philadelphia (UHF Channel 38) A Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Production Courtesy: FremantleMedia North ...

Bert Convy sings 1978

Bert Convy keeps it smooth during a 1978 appearance on "The Tonight Show".

Password - Funny! Bert Convy Blushes because he's the answer | Classic Games | BUZZR

Aww they made Bert blush on Password with host Allen Ludden Need more game shows? Find Buzzr in your area: ...


This video details the death of game show host Bert Convy!

Super Password - PUPPY PARTY PARADE for Bert Convy BIRTHDAY! | BUZZR

Ready to see something CUTE and ADORABLE?! And we're not just talking about Bert Convy! Get TWO TIMES the CUTENESS OVERLOAD ...

Match Game 1990 Pilot w/ Bert Convy

Here's the complete pilot of Match Game from 1990, hosted by Bert Convy. The celebrities are Brad Garrett, Marsha Warfield, ...

Tattletales CBS Daytime 1984 Bert Convy Episode

Here is a Classic Episode of Tattletales Were Bert Convy is wearing a Dress on a Classic 1984 episodes of Tattletales.

Game show hosts with Phil Donahue Part 1

Phil Donahue interviews Alex Trebek, Bert Convy and Chuck Woolery, at the NBC Burbank studios, circa 1988. This is part 1 of 3.

Match Game 74 (Episode 152) (Bert Convy Cameo for Tattletales)

Where are today's Match Game contestants? Bert Convy also stops by to plug his new show "Tattletales". Larry Blyden, Brett ...

Bert Convy Match Game Marathon

This video features episodes with Bert Convy appearing and hosting Match Game.

Match Game: 1989 Pilot w/Bert Convy

NOTE: This video is for Entertainment purposes only! No copyright infringement intended! NOTE: This video is for Entertainment ...

Tattletales | Dorothy Jo/Bob Barker vs. Anne/Bert Convy vs. Doe/Jack Narz (Richard Dawson hosts)

It's another episode from Tattletales Emcee Week! For the blue section, Bob Barker and his wife Dorothy Jo. For the banana ...

Match Game 79 (Episode 1371) (Bert Convy Returns?) (Let's Kiss?)

Robert Walden, Brett Somers, Charles Nelson Reilly, Audrey Landers, Bert Convy, and Patty Duke Astin.

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