Ben Breedlove – video

YouTube teen star's touching last days

Ben Breedlove was the kind of kid everyone wanted to be. But he had a heart condition that he knew could make every day his ...

Ben Breedlove funeral -- sister Ally's speech

Ally Breedlove said the day was a celebration and a chance to find truth in the message that he left for everyone. She shares the ...

Ben Breedlove's mom reflects on son's viral video

"To Heaven and Back" airs on December 1 at 7pm EST on CNN.

Ben Breedlove This is My Story - (Part 1 and 2)

Ben Breedlove died 18 from a fourth heart attack. He passed way at Christmas Day. So loved by everybody... A thing that makes ...

In loving memory of Ben Breedlove

To view Ben's videos click here - and part 2- ...

Ben Breedlove funeral -- Pastor John Burke

The lead pastor of Gateway Church in Austin, Texas, spoke at teen Ben Breedlove's funeral about the young man, Dec. 29, 2011.

BEN BREEDLOVE (Tribute Video)❤

This video is about Ben Breedlove who passed away on Christmas Day from a heart condition. I didnt know him personally, but he ...

Teen posts YouTube message days before death

Ben Breedlove, of Austin, Texas, passed away on Christmas Day at only 18-years-old, after suffering from hypertrophic ...

More about Ben Breedlove's condition

Doctors talk about the heart disease that took Ben Breedlove's life.

Memorial erected in honor of Ben Breedlove

First came his viral YouTube video... then a book... and now a very fitting memorial for a local teenager who died from a heart ...

How Ben Breedlove handled his disease - 5 pm News

His father, Shawn Breedlove, said, "He was crossing the street at school one time and he just dropped in the middle of the street ...

This is my story (Part 2)

Kieran Miles inspired me to do this, Just thought I should share my story to the rest of the world, watch part 1 first.

Expert explains Ben Breedlove's NDE

NDE researcher confirms Ben Breedlove's Near-Death Experience and explains many of the elements in it.

Ben Breedlove's Birthday Balloon Launch

Click here to watch ben's story- part 2 ...

Ben Breedlove gaining worldwide attention

Funeral services were live streamed online Thursday.

Tribute to Ben Breedlove's 'This Is My Story'

This is my story. I'm 16 years old and I'm permanently crippled. I get bullied for it. But, I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Ben Breedlove funeral -- Photo montage

Family photos of Ben Breedlove were shown on a screen inside Gateway Church at his funeral on Dec. 29, 2011. (Courtesy: ...

Ben Breedlove "This is My Story" Ft. Kid Cudi - Mr.Rager

This is a video dedicated to Ben Breedlove. His love for the world will forever exist; as he ends this video with a question we all ...

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