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Collecting Dust Episode 3 - Art Simone Drag Wardrobe Tour.

Art Simone: "I Will Always Love You" @ Showgirls!

Art Simone performs the song, "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston @ June 26th 2017's SHOWGIRLS, the weekly ...


Don't let your RuPaul's DragCon LA 2019 FOMO get you down! has our best on-site coverage ever! Check out ...

TRO TALKS: The housemate tag! ft: Art Simone

ART SIMONE @rtist_ joins me once more for another "thrilling" instalment of Tro Talks (HA!) - apparently you like her more than ...

Art Simone: Painted for Filth! Part 5 | Hey Qween

Hey Qween! and Dragaholic Present A Special Edition of LOOK AT HUH! Painted For Filth! With Morgan McMichaels! In this ...

DragCon Los Angeles Karen from Finance Performing with Art Simone

Please subscribe to my channel to support a struggling writer. And, if you like high literature, you can purchase my book at ...

Art Simone - "Cola"

Art performing at Sircuit for Qwrk Thursday's.

AIDF 2019 - Showcase SAT - Art Simone

Art Simone performs for the Austin International Drag Festival at the showcase on Saturday, November 16th!

Art Simone - "Don't Worry Be Happy"

Art performing at Mollie's for Babydrag (as host)

Art Simone - "I Will Always Love You"

Art performing at the "House of Love" (Vau d'vile front bar).

Art Simone - "Fuck You"

Art performing at Mollie's.

The Art Simone "Art Smock"

SHOP NOW - http://WWW.ARTSIMONE.COM/ Introducing The Art Simone - Art Smock! Unleash your creativity and paint your face ...

Art Simone - "Always Be Yourself"

Art at Sircuit for Qwrk.

Chelsie’s Drag Queen Pep Talk | The Bachelor Australia

Who better to inspire Chelsie to express her hidden self than a fabulous Drag Queen. Art Simone takes her out of the portrait ...

Art Simone - "Do Something"

Art performing at Sircuit.

Tro Talks: Ask a drag queen part 2

SHE IS BACK! follow her in Insta @rtist_ ok so you all seem to like Art Simone more than me, so she is back for another "ask a ...

Art Simone & Philmah Bocks - "Priscilla"

Art and Philmah performing at Love Machine for Queer Expo.

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