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ROEpodcast #4 w/ Alyson Court (Claire Redfield) | Resident Evil Podcast|

In this episode Alyson Court, Claire Redfield herslef, joins us to discusses the Resident Evil 2 Remake, the Union, Resident Evil: ...

Alyson Court's Evolution in the Resident Evil Series

I got the idea to do this series after the Remake 2 announcement at E3 2018. Clearly there is no respect for the performers in this ...

Examples of The Work of Alyson Court: Part 2

These are just examples and are not meant to be all inclusive. To check out other roles go to ...

Will X-Men '92 Return on Disney+? Alyson Court Chats w/ Evantainment.

Alyson Court, well known for her roles on the Beetlejuice animated series as Lydia Deetz, and Jubliee on the 1992 X-Men series ...

Crushing This Week with Alyson Court (Mysticons)

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INTERVIEW | Alyson Court

Alyson Court talks about her career as Loonette the Clown and a few other highlights along the way. (Original interview date: ...

Examples of The Work of Alyson Court: Part 1

These are just examples and are not meant to be all inclusive. To check out other roles go to ...

Alyson Court on The Being Frank Show - Interview (2011)

Episode 21, 4/1/11 - No copyright infringement intended.

Loonette on Creepy Clowns | 22 Minutes

Clown correspondent Loonette the Clown from the Big Comfy Couch stops by to dispel the myth that all clowns are creepy.

RE2 Remake clarification video before coffee cuz I'm dedicated

Resident Evil 2 Remake decided to go non-union long before performers went on strike.

Alyson Court (X-Men TAS, Beetlejuice TAS) on Mr. Dressup, CBC Archives, and Canadian Television

Alyson Court, the voice actor who portrayed Jubliee on the X-Men animated series, and Lydia on the Beetlejuice cartoon ...

Actor Alyson Court (X-Men, Big Comfy Couch) Discusses Her Career at Mississauga Collectors Expo.

Voice actor Alyson Court who has played many roles including Jubliee on Fox's X-Men Animated Series, Lydia on Nelvana's ...

Brain Eatin' Zombie Babies Behind the Scenes Part 3 Alyson Court.

In Part 3 of the Alyson Court interview, she discusses the making of the Resident Evil video games.

Interview with Alyson Court at London Comic Con 2018

Alyson was very, very cool and a pleasure to meet. I must thank everyone at London Comic Con and especially Greg "Silver ...

BEZB FS Alyson Interview

In the Summer of 1995, Alyson Court recorded her famous "SPIDERS IN THE HAIRDO" narration for the FREAKY STORIES pilot ...

Brain Eatin' Zombie Babies Behind The Scenes Part 1 Alyson Court

Behind the Scenes: Interview with Alyson Court - Part 1 - the Early Years. This video tells how Alyson ("Pretty Mom" on Brain Eatin' ...

RE2 Remake response video for fans

Resident Evil 2 Remake Claire Redfield voice non-union.

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