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Talk radio, Fox News host Alan Colmes dead at 66

Fox News Channel's Alan Colmes has died at age 66. Colmes was a radio talk show host and noted liberal contributor on Fox.

Radio Host Alan Colmes Americans Are Cynical About Their Leaders | Alan Colmes | Larry King Now

Radio Host Alan Colmes Americans Are Cynical About Their Leaders | Alan Colmes Interview | Larry King Now - Ora TV ...

Fox News Contributor Alan Colmes Dies at 66 | THR News

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Alan Colmes Dies

CBS2's Mary Calvi reports.

'The Factor' remembers Alan Colmes

'The O'Reilly Factor' pays tribute to co-host of 'Hannity & Colmes' and Fox News contributor.

Bret Baier remembers Alan Colmes and Brenda Buttner

The Fox family has lost two hosts and contributors to the channel.

Tammy Bruce: Alan Colmes' death is a tremendous loss

Fox News contributor remembers her friend.

Alan Colmes vs. Todd Starnes: Are Christians persecuted in US?

Alan Colmes vs Todd Starnes: Are Christians really being persecuted in the United States?

Hannity: Colmes had a decency that transcended all politics

Fox News host remembers his friend and former co-host.

Alan Colmes vs Amb. Bolton on Iran deal controversy

Ambassador John Bolton on why the deal with Iran will not prevent them from getting nuclear weapons Watch Alan Colmes and ...

Alan Colmes vs. Monica Crowley: Why shouldn't Obama use N-word?

Alan Colmes vs. Monica Crowley: Obama's use of the controversial N-word and is he politicizing the tragedy in South Carolina?

Alan Colmes vs. David Horowitz: Is Obama a 'Jew-hater'?

Alan Colmes questions David Horowitz's incendiary comment that Obama is a 'Jew-hater' and systematically destroying our ...

Alan Colmes slams Donald Trump's birther comments

Fox News contributor reacts to the controversy.

Alan Colmes EXPLODES at Racist Callers

"You can't accept a BLAAAAACK president!" (8-21-2013) Weekdays 6-9pm EST.

Alan Colmes on Clinton emails: There's nothing new here

Debate over the FBI investigation into the former secretary of state's emails.

Alan Colmes vs. Keith Ablow: Jenner and Dolezal similar?

Alan Colmes vs. Dr. Keith Ablow: Can an analogy be made between Caitlin Jenner's gender transition and Rachel Dolezal ...

Alan Colmes on Sean Hannity, Working at FOX

Alan Colmes chats with Marc about his opinion on Sean Hannity, and shares his thoughts on his experience working at FOX ...

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